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Tsubaki steel & plastic top chain has been at the forefront of development of steel & plastic chain. With a focus on the design, manufacturing and application of thermoplastic chains, modular belting and 3D conveyor systems we have established products to suits a wide range of industries.

Our range of MAXTON Plastic product has some unique design features and material enhancements, to operate in a wide variety of applications including; Can conveying, PET bottles, Glass bottles & Containers and cartons.

This wide range of operating parameters means we have a product to suit your needs and the experience and expertise to develop new products for future requirements.

Product Line Up:

Style Characteristics
Slatband Chain Straight Running and Side Flexing
Widetop Chain Conveyor Style
Plastic Top Chain Straight Running and Side Flexing
RS Plastic Chain Straight Running
Belttop Chain Straight Running

Material Line Up:

Standard Materials:*

Type Colour Characteristics
UL Green Low friction / Excellent wear & mechanical properties Chemical resistance
LF Green/Brown Acetal low friction / Excellent wear & mechanical properties
D Grey Acetal anti-static / Excellent wear & mechanical properties
US Light Blue Silicon blended Acetal ULTRA Low friction

Special Materials:*

Type Colour Characteristics
AB White Anti-bacteria material (Minimizes bacteria growth)
AS Black Conductive material (Minimizes static charge)
CR Opaque UV resistance & Chemical resistance
HR Black High temperature (Oven use)
HS Cream High PV limit (High speed applications)
MF Yellow Medium friction (Incline conveyors)

* Please refer to our technical manual for further specifications and clarification on parameters.

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