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Tsubaki Emer-Flex Coupling

In order to make the EMER-FLEX COUPLING the ultimate disk coupling, Tsubaki optimized its design using finite element analysis. This coupling is designed to meet all of your needs with no maintenance, no backlash, and with improved rigidity for greater precision. This adds up to excellent flexible coupling performance for reliable torque transmission and absorption of shaft misalignment. The Tsubaki lineup of EMER-FLEX couplings is completed with the addition of the "Fine" FIEF Series for torque transmission from 30 kgf.cm, and the "High-torque" HEF Series for torque transmission up to 4,100 kgf.m.

To make coupling selection and use as convenient as possible, we have brought to market models that are compatible with various shaft connections including power locks, lock springs and clamps. These include the removable U-Type, which can be mounted on a floating shaft via a long spacer (the spacer can be attached and detached without disassembling the disk connecting part), and the G-Type which can replace gear couplings. The new EMER-FLEX couplings are designed to meet all of your next-generation coupling needs.

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