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Heat Resistant Lambda Chain Lube-Free Chain

Tsubaki’s latest innovative product Heat Resistant Lambda Chain® introduces great performances in high temperature environment with less maintenance costs and NO LUBRICATION REQUIRED.

Its ambient temperature ranges from 150°C degrees to 230°C degrees, using a stable lubrication and anti-wear properties in high temperatures enables increased productivity, reliability and a cleaner working environment.

Heat Resistant Lambda is distinguished by its unique construction of Nickel plated inner links and Ferrous oxide coated outer links and available only in ANSI Simplex and Duplex 40 to 80 and Double pitch RF2040 to RF2080.

A range of standard attachments are available across the range

Heat Resistant Lambda Chain is ideally suited for use in Dry Furnace ovens and Steel Furnace operations with further uses in any high temperature operation.

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