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The Tsubaki Difference

With respect to wear-life, durability and maintenance cost, we are confident in saying "Tsubaki RS Roller Chain clearly outperforms the competition". The secret of our success is in the use of sophisticated digital production techniques and an unwavering attention to detail. Our bushings have perfect concentricity and cylindrical accuracy. Our pins are manufactured with advanced heat treatment processes. Our link plates and rollers are shot-peened, and the surface areas between pins and bushings and between bushings and rollers are pre-lubricated. And finally we, pre-load our roller chains continuously and accurately on multi-sprockets. The result is a great improvement in performance - The Tsubaki Difference.

New RS Roller Chain (PDF Download)

Tsubaki standard ANSI* RS roller chains (click chain size for dimensions)

Tsubaki standard BS/DIN** RS roller chains (click here for dimensions)

  • RF06B - pitch 9.525 mm
  • RS08B - pitch 12.70 mm
  • RS10B - pitch 15.875 mm
  • RS12B - pitch 19.05 mm
  • RS16B - pitch 25.40 mm
  • RS20B - pitch 31.75 mm
  • RS24B - pitch 38.10 mm
  • RS28B - pitch 44.45 mm
  • RS32B - pitch 50.80 mm
  • RS40B - pitch 63.50 mm

*ANSI = American National Standards Institute
**BS = British Standards Institution (BSI),
  DIN = Deutsches Institut für Normung

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