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Eliminate maintenance with Tsubaki Water Screen Chain

With every Tsubaki "WAC" Water Screen Chain comes years of design, application and manufacturing experience. Pins and bushings are stainless steel for corrosion resistance and are through-hardened for extended wear life. Rollers are ductile iron or stainless steel (through-hardened) and have a special synthetic resin bushing for smooth operation and extended wear life. For extra protection against harsh conditions, Tsubaki Water Screen Chains are treated with an anti-corrosion rust preventative and an adhesive sealant for the pin, bushing and link plate press-fitted areas.


  • Double corrosion resistance

Prior to assembly, the pin, bushing and link plate press-fitted areas are coated with a special adhesive sealant that prevents crevice corrosion. Just before shipment, Tsubaki applies a class P-1 (tar or epoxy) rust preventative to the chain for an extra layer of protection.

  • Lubrication free for clean operation

Conventional chain designs require troublesome and time-consuming grease lubrication. Not only can the grease contaminate the water, but extra maintenance is required. Tsubaki Water Screen Chains use special self-lubricating synthetic resin bushings in the chain roller to ensure a long service life without re-lubrication. Clean and efficient operation with exceptional corrosion resistance make Tsubaki Water Screen Chains ideal for use in many industries.


Tsubaki Water Screen Chains are designed for traveling water screens used to collect debris or suspended material from process water. Applications include use in:

  • Power generating plants (coal, petroleum or nuclear)
  • Water inlets and waste removal at pulp and paper mills
  • Water inlets at steel mills
  • Sea water inlets at water purification plants
  • Process water for the chemical industry
  • Boiler feeder water inlets

Tsubaki water screen chain

  • WAC25610 - avg. tensile strength 25,000 kgf
  • WAC32610 - avg. tensile strength 32,000 kgf
  • WAC45610 - avg. tensile strength 45,000 kgf
  • WAC55610 - avg. tensile strength 55,000 kgf
  • WAC65610 - avg. tensile strength 65,000 kgf
  • WAC75610 - avg. tensile strength 75,000 kgf

pitch=609.6 mm

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