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Many industries take advantage of the superior, economical performance in low-speed, moderate-load applications provided by Tsubaki Double Pitch Chain. Manufactured with the same advanced engineering techniques and having the same basic features as our roller chain, Tsubaki Double Pitch Chain is available in:
Standard, Lambda Chain, Plastic Sleeve Chain, Plastic Roller Chain, Plastic Roller Chain (low noise type), Nickel Plated, WP, Stainless Steel, 600 Stainless Steel, 400 Stainless Steel, 400 SS Plastic Sleeve Chain.

Tsubaki double pitch conveyor chain

  • RF2040 - pitch 25.40 mm
  • RF2050 - pitch 31.75 mm
  • RF2060 - pitch 38.10 mm
  • RF2080 - pitch 50.80 mm
  • RF2100 - pitch 63.50 mm
  • RF2120 - pitch 76.20 mm
  • RF2160 - pitch 101.60 mm

A-1, A-2, D-1, GK-1, K-1, K-2, SA-1, SA, SK-1, SK-2, and AA-1, KK-1, SAA-1, SKK-1, WA-1, WA-2, WK-1, WK-2, WSA-1, WSA-2, WSK-1, WSK-2

Conveyor Chain Products

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