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Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain - Revolutionary design from Tsubaki

Power savings and cost-effectiveness were at the forefront when we developed the revolutionary Tsubaki Bearing Roller Conveyor Chain. Incorporating precisely machined cylindrical roller bearings inside the roller, our new design lowers friction forces and greatly reduces lubrication maintenance. As a result stick-slipping is eliminated while strength and allowable load are increased. These characteristics allow selection of smaller chain sizes, as well as smaller motors, gear boxes and other components, for power savings and greater cost-effectiveness.


  • compact with high performance

The cylindrical roller bearing provides superior performance through increased strength and reduced friction. This allows selection of a chain two sizes smaller and greater cost effectiveness for your application.

  • virtually maintenance free long chain life

Use of cylindrical roller bearings inside the chain rollers lowers frictional forces and reduces the need for lubrication and maintenance by 5-10 times (depending on the application) compared to conventionally constructed conveyor chains. The result is a chain with an increased life and almost no required maintenance.

  • wide selection of sizes

Small pitch to large, heavy duty sizes of Tsubaki Bearing Roller Conveyor Chains are readily available in a range of specifications and can be delivered quickly upon receipt of your order.

  • prevention of stick-slipping

There is no stick-slipping with Tsubaki Bearing Roller Conveyor Chains. Use this chain in applications where stick-slipping cannot be tolerated.

Tsubaki bearing roller conveyor chain

  • RF03075BR - pitch 75 mm
  • RF03100BR - pitch 100 mm
  • RF05100BR - pitch 100 mm
  • RF05150BR - pitch 150 mm
  • RF450BR - pitch 101.6 mm
  • RF08150BR - pitch 150 mm
  • RF10100BR - pitch 100 mm
  • RF10150BR - pitch 150 mm
  • RF12200BR - pitch 200 mm
  • RF12250BR - pitch 250 mm
  • RF17200BR - pitch 200 mm
  • RF17250BR - pitch 250 mm
  • RF17300BR - pitch 300 mm
  • RF26250BR - pitch 250 mm
  • RF26300BR - pitch 300 mm
  • RF26450BR - pitch 450 mm
  • RF36300BR - pitch 300 mm
  • RF36450BR - pitch 450 mm
  • RF36600BR - pitch 600 mm

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