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Bearing Bush Chain
(RF engineering chain series)

If your conveying applications require high precision then Tsubaki Bearing Bush Chain is your answer. As pin/bush wear occurs, pitch accuracy is decreased and precision is lost. We have eliminated this problem by installing original, specially-designed needle bearings between the pin and bushing. This revolutionary new construction allows the pin and bushing to roll on each other, instead of sliding, thereby greatly reducing wear and dramatically increasing chain life span. Tsubaki Bearing Bush Chain does not elongate after the 0.03% initial stretch. Recommended for applications requiring accurate positioning or precise indexing.

Tsubaki bearing bush chain

  • RFN03075R - pitch 75 mm
  • RFN05100R - pitch 100 mm
  • RFN10150R - pitch 150 mm
  • RFN12200R - pitch 200 mm
  • RFN17200R - pitch 200 mm
  • RFN26250R - pitch 250 mm
  • RFN36300R - pitch 300 mm

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